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Welcome to Water Your Seeds the website!


Hello everyone!  Thanks for checking out my new website WaterYourSeeds!

WaterYourSeeds is a website dedicated to fatherhood with a special emphasis on fathers with multiple children in multiple homes.  I myself am such a father.  I too know of the many emotional states that come with fathering children and fighting to have a strong hand in their lives.

I truly believe no man wants to be a deadbeat dad.  Before I started popping out children all over the place, I too criticized men who fathered children and have no hand in their upbringing.  Now I see that there are MANY reasons that men don’t see their children not just from fear, apathy and being a piece of shit.  This site will be dedicated to helping fathers have the resources, knowledge and information necessary to be the best fathers they can be.

Being a father is like being a Gardener.  The mother is the Soil.  The child is the Seed.
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The man is the Gardener because it is his job to protect and provide for the Seed and the Soil.  As a Gardener, you have to water your seeds and give them proper exposure to Light.  That’s what Good Gardeners do.  If you as a Gardener don’t have a strong hand in your seeds going from seeds, to seedlings, to sprouts, to full bloom then it will be left up to Nature/Environment/Society to raise your seeds for you (and you might not like the outcomes).

The mother is the Soil because our Seeds grow through them.  They are the Mother Earths to which we much raise our Seeds to fruition.  Think about what makes a Florida orange different than a California orange or a Michigan Potato different than the Idaho potato?  It’s the SOIL.  The condition of the Soil will have a direct impact on your ability to garden properly and for your seed to grow with proper guidance and rooted in strength.  With that said, it is very VERY important to choose a quality Soil.  She is just as important as your Seeds.  Above all else, don’t treat her like dirt.

Last (but certainly not least) is your Seed(s).  Seeds can grow without gardening, we all know this, but with the guidance of a Gardener your Seeds can be empowered and equipped with lasting benefits to weather any storm and handle varied circumstances of life.  Watching a seed go from seed to seedling to sprout to full bloom is one of the greatest joys of a Gardener…

So I thank you for checking out my WaterYourSeeds in it’s early stages and please tell all the fathers you know to visit!

Our women need us!
Our children need us!
Our families need us!

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