#GardeningTips4Dads: The Balance of Work & Play for kids

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The Balance of Work & Play for kids

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work vs play

I once heard a saying:  You can spend your childhood playing, and work harder as an adult *OR* you can spend your childhood working hard which leads to playing as an adult.

I take that to mean, if you raise your children to spend their childhood playing and basically goofing off during their formative years they will spend their adult life forced to work hard, struggling to make ends meet and ultimately learn the hard lessons of work ethic and self determination while having the staggering load of responsiblities associated with adulthood.  Meanwhile, the child that is raised to be responsible and hard working will more than likely enter adulthood with the necessary prerequisites for success and thus able to enjoy life on a much higher level.


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Basically:  PLAY as a kid, WORK HARD as an adult.  WORK HARD as a kid, PLAY as an adult.

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Think of it as a kid that was raised to study, critically think and be held accountable for their actions grows up to be an adult who picks a high career path (such as a lawyer/doctor/scientist/business owner) and thus has the disposable income to live a life of leisure in their spare time, traveling, spending time with their spouses and children and not as worried about bills and survival.  Where as the kid that is raised centered on simply being a kid until adulthood, grows up playing video games excessively, having everything handed to them without earning anything and having all their battles fought for them by their parents then becomes an adult that struggles to cope with the reality of adult responsibilities.

The kid that simply plays their entire childhood often becomes the kind of adult that has to work harder to make ends meet and live a quality life.  The kid that is raised to work hard their entire childhood often learns many of the life lessons associated with success under the safety net of their parents home.  These hard working kids then grow up to make better choices as far as careers, choosing of spouses and principles that lead to a higher quality of life.  The kids that don’t develop these life lessons have to learn them WITHOUT the parental safety net.

Concentrating on playing and smothering your kids with love doesn’t sound bad until your kids become adults that remain dependant on their parents.  It is literally crippling your kids with love.  You would be surprised how many kids make it to 15 and are HURT because they are JUST NOW being forced to THINK!  We talking about it being PAINFUL TO THINK!  They never had to THINK for themselves!


Keep in mind, I’m not saying that allowing your kids to enjoy their luxuries of childhood and play is shameful nor sabotaging them.  I’m just saying if that’s the predominate focus of their formative years, it may cripple them in their adulthood.  This is why I don’t look at my kids as KIDS (necessarily).  I look at them as “MINI-ADULTS”.  As adults, we like to enjoy ourselves and have fun just as much as anybody of any age.  It’s just we still know we have RESPONSIBILITIES.  Our mini-adults should too.

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What if we put our children in the best possible positions to succeed and be independent of us as adults?  We think our kids will hate us and we will regret “making it hard on them” by having them study and think and focus and discipline themselves.  We think they will grow up and think, “I didn’t really have a childhood.”  But you know when they will be saying that?  When they are living their childhood as grown ups.  Taking trips at their leisure.  Not worrying about the light bill.  Doing work that they are passionate about.  Credit score on fleek.

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Last thing.

We *ALL* want to give our children a childhood that is free of worries.  We don’t want our kids to think about struggling.  To not worry about how the bills will be paid.  To simply enjoy life and be passionate about whatever they put their mind to.  Well, if we raise our kids to be critical thinkers and self disciplined and focused on goals, they will have a life without the struggles, without the worrying about bills and able to pursue their passions.  They will have everything we want to give them as children!

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But they will have it as adults…

Think about that.

Would you rather your children be able to PLAY as adults and STRUGGLE as kids?
Would you rather your children be able to PLAY as kids and STRUGGLE as adults?

You decide(^;


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