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Kids and Religion
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Kids and Religion

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On some serious doo doo, this is a tough one for me.  It would be easier if I myself adhered to an organized religion that made it easier to be accepted by the masses.  I mean personally, I get called the devil whenever I speak from the heart about the subject.

The Subject:  What is your Religious beliefs?


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As I try to walk this fine line of being respectful of the opinions and “truths” held by others while also standing firm and summarizing my rather complex beliefs in a format the listener can digest, I often find myself staring at faces that grow increasingly more and more puzzled (and frightened) as I continue speaking.

“What?  Wait a minute.  You saying you don’t believe in Jesus???”

“So lemme get this straight.  You saying Jesus never existed???”

“Hold up homie, you’re saying nobody in the bible ever existed???”

“The Buddha either?  Muhammad either???!”

“So you’re atheist?”

“You’re not?  Well, do you believe in God at all?  You do…  Okay…  Wait a minute.  You’re saying your God is not Jehovah/Allah???”

At this point, I start explaining my own beliefs.  Somewhere in this summary I realize I actually loft them at “What? You saying you don’t believe in Jesus???”


It’s a bit frustrating.  But you know what’s more frustrating for parents with no organized religion?  Finding a moral code to raise your kids by.   As much as we (the pro-spiritual section) look at all organized religions with the side eye, we have to acknowledge that pretty much every religion gives man the morals and codes of conduct he can live by.  The government can’t give you morals.  They can give you laws that you know you must follow but they don’t change what’s in your heart and mind.  Having a religion does this.

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It’s one thing to say “don’t do this”, it’s another thing to say “God said ‘don’t do this'”

So…  I get it.  We need a moral code.  There’s some pretty well established ones that’s been circulating for a few 1,000 years or so.   I should be able to pick one and use their holy book to govern my household by, right?  Actually yes.  And no.

I married a daughter of a minister.  Even though she’s been able to love a heathen like myself, everybody that loves her hasn’t been so excepting.  In their defense, I’m an asshole lol.  But I’ve never said I had wings and a halo in my backpack.  I just speak my mind a lot.  A whole lot.

Anywho, with my father in law being a minister and the entire family on both sides being christian, I decided that the bible was just as good a moral code as any to raise my kids with.  My children go to church on Sundays and learn about Jesus and going to heaven and burning in a lake of fire if they live bad lives and…  See… this is where that shakiness comes from.   While I can definitely see the benefits of believing in Jesus or Muhammad or the Buddha, I can also see how the underlying fears they create shape and mold the mind.  Don’t get me wrong, a little fear/reverence/respect can be a great thing but too much and you got people burning crosses in yards and strapping bombs to their backs walking on buses.

I just want to raise healthy, well adjusted kids.  So this is what I decided to do.

I’ll write my own family moral code.

Now before you close your computer at such blasphemy, remember, the father’s role in the home is Protector / Provider / Priest.  It’s my role as a father to establish the spiritual system of my household.  No knock to any religion you have been born into but I feel it’s unfair to totally indoctrinate your children into spiritual systems that you yourself haven’t questioned and fact checked.  Your soul and spirit is too important to not question the “Truths” you were brought up in from birth.

As for my kids going to church now, I teach them about a black Jesus and a Black God.  Side note, the Black Man is the only man on the planet who worships a God that doesn’t look like the father of the home.  We should change that.

As my boys get older, I’ll teach them more and more about religions.  Where they originated from.  Who were the central figures and where they got their information.  What are the opposing views on the miraculous stories and eventually I’ll tell them why I don’t believe.  As of right now though, they can go to Sunday school.  No biggie.


So I want you to tell me your thoughts.  What spiritual system do you govern your house by?  How have you fact checked it to ensure it’s true and that you aren’t totally indoctrinating your kids with a program designed to weaken them spiritually?  There’s many religions out there.  If you were, yourself, born into a spiritual system, how do you know it’s the right one?

How do you know it’s safe for your kids?

Let me know below!

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