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Being the EXAMPLE of what you want your kids to become

Howdy fellow dads, let’s talk about the kind of men we are.

Many of us simply are being the best kind of man we can be, given our individual circumstances.  Well, that’s what we think.  We think because of our circumstances (good or bad) we are forced to play the cards we are dealt and depending on said circumstances complain or boast.  Basically, if we are doing bad in life, we complain about the reasons why.  If we are doing well, we boast about how great our life is.  But what we don’t always understand is that *after we have kids, it ain’t about us anymore*.


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We forget that people are watching us.  Not just the people we interact with in our everyday travels but also the tiny people we created.  Our children.  We think because we don’t have a job and no money that our kids understand why their father is missing in action.  We think because we drive a fancy car with a fancy car note that our children understand why they never see us because we are working all the time to make that money.  What ever our set of circumstances, our children don’t really care.  What they care about is THEIR VIEW OF US.

Your children see how you interact with their mother.  They care about how you show them affection, dissapointment and praise.  They care about when you come in from work, how you handle rejection, anger and success as well.  Basically, they watching everything you’re doing and not doing.  Your example means that much to them!


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With that said, when playing those cards you’re being dealt, play em with a smile.  Play those cards with your back upright and your integrity shining through.  Show the strength of your character so that those who love and view you with wide impressionable eyes may see your EXAMPLE and know how they too should act in success and in failure.  In sickness and in health.

I know we are always told, “care not what people think of you”.  To that I say:

Be MINDFUL what TINY PEOPLE think of you!

Be the EXAMPLE you want to see in your children.



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