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Brown boys need love too!

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Little Brown Boys need love TOO

Listen, not to throw shade on any other demographic of our society but #BrownBoys often get demonized right out the womb.  Folks are so quick to prejudge them as delinquints, hoodlums, gangbangers and lacking character & discipline.

This is OFTEN not the case.

Most little brown boys just need guidance and consistency shown to them.  They want to know that folks care about them, just like everyone else.  Black children, in general, excel in environments that are conducive to higher development and nurture their creative spirits.  Just like everyone else.

brown boy sale Brown Boys need love too!

“Little Brown Boy” is on sale *NOW*!!!

Why is it that we treat brown boys like potential criminals?  Scratch that.  Like criminals who just haven’t figured out what crime their gonna be good at yet?  We as a society need to truly shine more light on this, that’s if we ever want true change and inclusion.  After all, it’s hard to raise a young man like an animal then get mad when he bites.


As for me, I love our brown boys.  All of them.  I feel with love and attention they all can become gods on this planet.  Most of us black men who grew up without a father had to learn how to be a man through trial and error.  This is often at the expense of those closest to us.  We grow up and constantly disappoint our mothers, break the hearts of the women that love us and struggle to find our place in this world…  We then make babies who grow up the same way.  It’s a cycle.

I truly believe that we should work harder to show our brown boys they are loved and have value.  Not the kind of value that comes from being able to run fast or catch a ball or dunk better than most.  No.  I’m talking about the kind of love that doesn’t require conditions.  I believe they call it “unconditional love”.

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Raise your little brown boys to be Strong Black Men

I challenge everyone reading this to really start taking young brown boys under your wing and making it your responsibility to instill pride and a sense of purpose in their lives.  Trust me, our daughters need it.  If we start showing our boys unconditional love and attention, they will grow to be strong black men and thus increase the odds that our daughters will not have to be toyed with at the expense of a grown boy.

Just a thought from your favorite gardener tho.  But still, what if we actually brought this thought to fruition?

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