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Parenting 101:

What if they gave father’s *THIS OPTION*

You know, honestly, I think fathers in general get a bad rap.

Think about this, if a father and mother don’t work out and have to live in separate homes, the children go with the mother by default. It doesn’t matter if the father is the better parent or the more responsible parent or even the more loving parent.

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For a man to get custody of a child, he basically has to prove the mother is unfit. That’s a pretty sad circumstance. It’s basically a set up. I mean, why do we have to throw dirt on the mother just to prove that we are greater than or equal? So this means that if both parents love the child just as much and both parents have their sh*t together, the father doesn’t stand a chance and must resort to saying she beats the kids, doesn’t feed them or is on drugs just to say “Hey, I’m just trying to be an active father.” Like I said, sad circumstance.

Even sadder, it still doesn’t work most of the time.


A mother can be homeless, living in her car with the children, unable to feed them or get them to school regularly, strung out on drugs with cocaine residue under her fingernails and she *STILL* would be seen as fit to remain custodial parent. How is this life at this point???

Now, I’m not knocking mothers or motherhood in general. I’m just saying that our society has no value for fatherhood these days. We live in a society where women are fighting for gender equality but when it comes to parental rights they love to keep this parenting bias as the status quo. Again, how is this life?

Anywho, I was thinking of something. To all the men who only get to see their children every other weekend. Think about this:

If you were given the option to raise your kid(s) every other weekend and continue paying child support *OR* have your kids live with you and never be able to ask the mother for any money or financial assistance, which would you choose?

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Keep in mind, kids living with you is MORE expensive than paying child support.
What say you fathers!?

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