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Assault with a Judicial Weapon

Not all weapons cause bodily harm.  Some, like the Judicial system, are built to damage a man’s soul…

I firmly believe as a CARD CARRYING BLACK MAN that the judicial system as it operates today is designed to CASTRATE, EFFEMINIZE and/or INCARCERATE black males for the sake of control.  This not only effects black men because we see white men getting caught up as collateral damage in traps meant to snare black men.  Of all women, BLACK WOMEN know of these traps more than any females in the states!

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For a black woman to know the system’s intent and to use that same system to hurm/harm/destroy a black man, I feel she should be tied up and have canned goods thrown at her vahjayjay…  I’m serious.

Anywho, we are seeing too many emotional women using the courts to try to make men feel the pain that they are going through emotionally.  The problem is, after her pain subsides, the man is stuck in a system that has grown very efficient at making men lifelong participants.  Women are going from beating and belittling men to provoking them to anger with the express intent on getting him locked up and out of sight.  Women are purposely getting pregnant by brothers with decent jobs just to have a man on the hook to fund her and her previous children’s lifestyle.  Women are calling in traffic warrants on guys, filing protective orders on exaggerated charges and sitting on stands bawling their eyes out while testifying against men for the simple crime of being past lovers.

Yeah, yeah, I know some men ain’t sh*t.  I heard that all my life.  But do ya’ll ever venture to think that… *looking both ways* that some women ain’t sh*t themselves???  Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, a man or 8 might have gotten set up for a fake crime in these custody/relationship wars???



But… what is the penalty for women who would do such things?  Surely, there has to be a penalty for a woman who falsely accuses as man of battery, rape, stealing, child abuse, molestation, etc, right?  Well, there isn’t.

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There’s NO DETERRENT of threat of jail for a woman who is emotionally unstable and feeling spiteful to not use the system as a weapon.  It’s a pretty useful weapon with no way of backfiring so why not?  Think about that.  Why would a woman take the high road in a failed relationship or a custody fight when she has nothing stopping her from going to the court house or the police station and playing the damsel in distress?

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I swear, our society won’t rest until it stumps out all remnants of manhood and fatherhood.

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