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So you weren’t ready to be a dad…

First of all, that sucks.  I mean, big time…  Let’s all lower our heads and give a few seconds for all to think of the freedom you’ve enjoyed and likely squandered…

Okay, now that I’ve shown you the customary pity, it’s time to talk about what’s next.

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In my humble opinion, this is a tough and unfair spot.  Society clowns men who are not ready to be fathers.  Women have options, men don’t.  If a woman isn’t ready to be a mother, she can have an abortion and it’s between her, her doctor and the Most High.  If a man isn’t ready to be a father, well, you don’t have to be.  But you still got that “baby bill” to pay.  Can’t get you out of that one bro.
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All I can say is, sometimes, situations like this are what you needed.   This might slow you down, cause you to focus on your goals and even give your life meaning.  A lot of young men function on self destruct mode as if they are “ready to die” and having a baby or somebody to live for really changes their life.  I say, embrace it.  Afterall, the baby still coming.

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Fellas: don’t say it! Ladies: Don’t fall for it!

And don’t even THINK about lacing up the track shoes.  Kids need fathers.  Don’t bail bro.  Trust me, you can get through this.  Be the type of man that’s strong enough to stay.  That’s the kind of young men we need.  Fighters.  Fight for something.  Fight for influence.  Fight for time.  Just don’t fight the mother, or you will be back to square one “so you weren’t ready to be a dad…”.
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Anywho, think of all the attributes, talents and gifts you have that you can share with a mini you.  Think of the love you can give the mother and the structure you can give her and your seed by establishing a two parent home.  Man, you can do this.  You just gotta suck it up and make up your mind that this is the best, unexpected thing to have ever happened to you.

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Man up when you make a baby(^;

maury 1 So you werent ready to be a dad...
My advice:  Work with the mother.
You might have heard the term “it’s cheaper to keep her” well, that’s fine and all but I’m all about time and influence with my children.  Maintaining respectful relationships goes a long way in being “let in” on parenting decisions such as neighborhoods and schools.  My saying is, “The Mother is your Earth that your seeds grow through, don’t treat her like Dirt.”  it’s not as catchy but you get the point.

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You guys do now how babies are made, right?

I’ll close this one off by saying even though you might not be ready to be a dad, embrace it and give it some time.  Allow yourself to think positive thoughts and receive positive energy.  Get positive people in your circles.  This goes a long way in raising quality seeds.

Congratulations!  You gonna be a Gardener!


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