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Choosing Nutritious Soil

Lemme ask you this:  What’s the difference between an Orange produced in Michigan, one produced in California and one produced in Florida?

Well, the difference is the nutrient content of the soil!

The soil from various regions, along with the environmental factors dictate the properties of the seeds that grow therein.  This is logical and sound.

As we take our gardening analogy into parenting, a good gardener/father knows that he must first and foremost CHOOSE A QUALITY SOIL to rear his seeds through.  Going back to our oranges we used earlier, if you want to grow high quality, nutrient dense oranges, chances are you need to fine and refine the right particular soil composition.  With our WO(mbed)MAN, this means searching for a woman with the right mentality that shares your vision of parenting and co-habitation.  Not only do you need to be choosy when falling in love and building a life with the opposite sex but you also must be willing to invest in building said woman up to her highest potential.

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Choosing the mother of your children is a difficult choice and that’s why all men are encouraged to plan their children.  Of course, plans don’t always work but at least you’re in a position that an understanding of expectations has been established.  The problems come with the fact that MOST OF US no longer plan our kids.  Kids “just happen” nowadays.  When kids “just happen” it creates an awkward scenario where need party (the mother nor the father) actually know each other enough to figure things out in the best interest of the child.  This creates all types of problems because, I hate to say it fellas, like it or not, fatherhood is completely devalued in American Society and the mother would have to literally be a crackhead, with no house, no car, no income, a prison record and a weed habit for you to get custody over her in court.   It wouldn’t be enough that you had the better home environment and ability to raise a productive member of society.  That’s not what the court cares about.  The courts care about CHILD SUPPORT.  We will talk about that on a later date(^;.

Anywho… I digressed…

When speaking of the nutritious content that makes up the mentality of the mother of your children, start looking at her environmental factors and social circles.  If you are having a baby by a woman who has a circle of married women whom all co-parent with their spouses and look to their men to lead, that’s a positive.  If you have a baby by a woman who has a circle of bitter single mothers who keep their children away from the fathers while telling each other that “he ain’t sh*t” and “he never wants to acknowledge his kids!”  chances are you will have to fight for every hour you get with said child.

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Raising a child with one on the way

Again, it’s all about the mental make up.  A woman with bitter baby mamas as friends, often becomes a bitter baby mama.  She can’t help it.  If her entire circle consist of women complaining about their baby daddies, then your child’s mother will often have to manufacture or embellish a narrative that helps her to fit in to the conversations as well.  To the opposite, if your child’s mother has a circle of women around her that promote marriage and working through the hard times, she too will be encouraged to have such a relationship.  The rest would be up to you.

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Outside of those social factors, you have environmental factors.  Watch how a woman handles hard times.  Does she get easily frustrated and aggressive when confronted with obstacles?  Does she cry and ball up in a fetal position at every failure in her life?  Does she have kids by someone already and her kids never see him?

If any of these are true, please, wear a couple condoms!  (I KID! I KID!)

Lastly, look at her home history.

If she grew up in a home without a father, it could either make her want better for her children or feel the environment is perfectly fine for child rearing.  Believe it or not, women from single mother homes often become single mothers.  Not because the necessarily set out to bring up children by themselves.  They simply revert back to what they already know.  They have seen their mother be “strong” and raise multiple children by themselves and they reason that they can be equally “strong”.  This causes a internal strong where many women want love and companionship but simply don’t know how to relinquish the power or share it equally with the man in their lives.  Again, it’s the mental make up.  The nutritious content of the soil.
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My advice to all men:

Be choosy.  Be hella choosy.  I advice you to think about any woman you are currently sleeping with or would potentially sleep with in the future.  Ask yourself:

Could I see her being the mother of my kids???  Does she have the qualities I want my kids to embody???

If yes, wife her up.

If no, throw your penis over your shoulder and take it home without sharing it.

Hope that helps(^;



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