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Why I say: #WaterYourSeeds

In 2010 I got 2 women pregnant…


Ain’t gonna lie, shit was hard…
My lady left me…
Child support was killing me…
I had to send my daughter Winter to live with her mama…
I had to live in my truck and sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots an entire winter…
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Still, I fought like hell to keep my boys close…
I could have gave up and moved back to Saginaw but I didn’t…
I made sacrifices for my kids.

I manned up.

If I could do it, any man can do it…

I’m a firm believer that once you have kids your life ain’t about YOU anymore.

It’s not just a motto when I say: #WaterYourSeeds it’s a way of life.  A principle.  A culture.
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Water Your Seeds is a gardening analogy.  It basically means, the MAN is the GARDENER.  The WO(mbed)MAN is the SOIL.  The CHILDREN are the SEEDS. As the gardener, your job as a father is to water your seeds.  This means you must provide and protect those who have been entrusted to your care.  This includes your woman/soil.  Just as you must be conscious of the environment you raise your kids in, you must also be cognizant & aware of the environment which shaped the mentality of the woman who bares your seeds.  Think about it, what is the difference between an orange produced in California, Florida or Alaska?  The differences are in the nutritional contents of the soil!  A woman’s mental make up is the single most important attribute a man can look for in a significant other (At least in my humble opinion).

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With your children, just as a good gardener waters seeds, provides them with quality sunlight and removes weeds from their presence, so too must a good father do.

As a good father/gardener, remember to invest in and nurture the mother of your children for she will be the nutritious soil to which your children grow…  Building a family, like a good garden is hard work but it’s also quite fullfilling in the end…

Always remember to #WaterYourSeeds

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