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Black Dads:

We do exist

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Black Dads smile too!

I was thinking about the #MillionManMarch that just took place in Washington, DC and I was saddened by the media blackout of the event.  Here you had a powerful, impactful event that highlighted black unity, love and most notably:



Now, this post isn’t about the march but it leads to a greater point, positive images of black males is frowned upon or at the very least marginalized in our society.  Face it, nobody wants to see black men being positive black men (accept maybe the women & children that need them).  Our news media won’t show righteous black men.  Our television shows rarely show black families unless they are dysfunctional.  Our communities don’t acknowledge us.  Only our absence.

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So today, I want to say that black dads are everywhere, we not only exist but we thriving.  Anywhere you go in the country, ask the patrons of any youth related activities who are the most active parents they see and they will tell you the black fathers.  When black fathers are in their children’s lives, not only do the children benefit but society at large.  We, along with our Earths, water quality seeds each and every time.  The balance that comes with having both dynamics in the household should never be understated or devalued.

Any woman reading this needs to understand that raising a well balanced, emotionally healthy child requires both parents working together.

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With black dads, many of us just want access and time. Many black men I know love being fathers and seek to be active.  Without making excuses, many black dads feel powerless in being able to control the destiny of their father/child relationships.  We need to change that.  We need to start promoting and encouraging the relationships between a father and child.  So many of our youth are suffering due to a lack of access to their fathers.

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No, black fathers don’t need plaques and trophies for doing what they are supposed to do but in an age where many black males are encouraged to hate themselves and thus their offspring, promoting the presence of good fathers can lead to some awesome changes in our communities.  I want to do all I can to help that cause.

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Black dads are present.  We love our kids and love to spend time with them.  We understand that nobody cares.  We still here though, even if nobody acknowledges us but our children (and the women who love us(^;)

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The Royal Family


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