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Step mom #TheHavMires

These 2 right here…

Yesterday, I celebrated my 2nd son’s 4th birthday. I now have two 4 year olds. You know, I never hide from the fact that i have multiple kids by multiple women. I’m not happy about it but I’m not ashamed.

Still, the circumstances surrounding my middle boy (seen in the pic) coming into the world would be enough to make any woman pack up and leave.

And she did pack up and leave. But then she came back…

 Step mom #TheHavMires

When I proposed, I made a promise to this lady that if she were to love him like her own, I would be loyal for life. That I would love her for life. That I would be hers for life.

Me and my wife have been through so much. Seeing her and my son have such a close bond and relationship really warms my heart… I am thankful that even in the hardest times, she never devalued or neglected my child. She has loved him like her own and I love her the more for it.

Now when I look at these 2 right here, I’m more impressed with their relationship than me & hers (^;

QUESTION: Are *YOU* a step mom?

Tell us about your experiences being a motherly figure to a man’s children

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