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Women trying to raise Stallions from Donkeys

We pass on much more than physical attributes to our seeds. I often use the analogy of gardening (as in my website WaterYourSeeds) where the man is the Gardener, the woman is the Soil and the child is the Seeds.

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A pack of asses…

The Gardener plants the apple seed in the nutrient rich soil and it doesn’t become an Orange. it doesn’t even become a “Granny Smith” if the father planted a red apple, lol

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It can potentially be the best version of a red apple possible but it will never be an orange and it will never be green. basically, it can’t be something it’s father is not.

Now, bringing it back to humans, if your child’s father is lazy, lacks ambitious, is a cry baby and professional victim, many of those traits can be changed with a strong balance from your end but a few might be inherited in your child’s DNA. Just like I have a love for fruit and smile a certain way and sit like my father (though he died when i was a small child). these things are in my DNA.

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Naw bruh… what was your DADDY???

Me personally, my father got 2 women pregnant at the same time. he also was too trusting of strangers. he was the salutatorian of his high school and the first in his family to go to college. he had a generous heart and was a great thinker and athlete. I inherited all those gifts and curses because not only didn’t i learn from his mistakes but i also never was told of them until i was doing the same things.

So, in closing, while we can chose to fall in love with whomever we see fit, we must be aware that many of their characteristics and flaws both physical and mental will also be inherit in our children. so don’t expect to lay down with a donkey and produce thoroughbred horses.

raise the best donkey you can(^;
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I gotta say this (while it’s on my mind):

Do you know the difference between an orange grown in Florida and one in California?


In making children it’s the same. a man can plant his seeds in different soils (women) but it’s the MENTAL MAKE UP of the mother that differentiates the children!  

It’s the SAME MAN but the seeds will differ based on the SOIL they are rooted in from birth(^;
(or the ill-content which comprises the soil….)



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