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Raising Boys:

The Father’s challenge of raising men

As a father who has multiple sons in multiple homes (Okay, it’s 2 homes but that’s still multiple), I’m faced with the challenge of teaching them how to be quality men who are not castrated, weak or EuroNegroes (Euro-negroes are defined as “black men who are black physically yet operating with European minds” <== in the “Willie Lee Dictionary”).
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We see all too often the effects of black men growing up with little to no discipline and how the negative stereotypes associated with black males translate to few chances, jail or even an early death.  Really, what father wants to bury his son or visit him from behind a plate glass?


Still, the only thing worse than being undisciplined (to me) is seeing a black man with no warrior left in him.  He’s just a shell of what he potentially could be.  He’s a castrated negro, looking for a savior when The Most High gave him all the tools to do the saving.

*shutters* Not my sons…
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I want to raise quality black men yet we live in a world where black men aren’t really allowed to mature.  Yeah, we can “grow up” but we can never engage in the sort of trial and error “learning on the fly” that graduates us from men to kings to gods.  Just getting on the road to god consciousness sends red flags to the status quo and we are derailed swiftly and severely, lest others might dare to aspire to such heights.

For my boys, I want to change the world so that they can enjoy the comforts of roads that have been laid clear for their dreams of conquest.  This requires me to sacrifice my todays for their tomorrows.  After all, I always say: Once you have KIDS, your life ain’t about YOU anymore…

(See, I even said it on da Twittah!)

Anywho,  with my 4 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old boys I start early on teaching them (no) showing them how a man is to conduct himself.  That starts by being STRONG ENOUGH TO STAY.   It’s real easy to walk away from your responsibilities.  There’s no true societal stigma for a black man to abandone his children and their mother(s) and move on to the next set of challenges and do it again.  Nobody checks your resume to see if you can handle hard times or if you are prone to bawling up in a fetal position at the gut checks life hits you with.  With that, man men run from the oppurtunity to raise better versions of themselves and miss the chance to truly effect change; through their seeds.
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I take it upon myself to be a living breathing example of a man to my boys.  I tell them I love them every day I can and give them all individual attention so that they know they are each special in their own right.  I teach them about life, early.  I play with them and race them and compete with them and encourage them.  I want them confident and strong.  The more attention I give them, the less they seek it through negative behavior.  The more I encourage positive behavior, the more they seek the rewards that come with it.

Okay, I’m over my word count limit (500) that I self imposed on myself because I can be a bit long winded.  Hope I sparked a lil “summin’ summin” in ya’ll fathers out there!

Be on the look out for PART TWO!


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