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What to do if you think

it’s not your child: Part 2

What to do Part 1: Continued from HERE

The Reasons to Suspect Route
She literally was sleeping around.  You know this.  You know of 3 dudes with photos in their phone date stamped of her nude and wildin’.  She told you, “Look fool!  It ain’t yo baby!”  (even though afterwards, she tried to clean it up and say “you know I just said that to get you mad…” Still look at her side eye).

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At this point, bro, you got a legitimate case on your hands buddy.  I wouldn’t take any preggo photos with her.  I wouldn’t brag to my family and start buying cigars.  I wouldn’t sign “no stinkin’ birff certificates!”  Man… get tested.  For everything.  Then get a paternity test immediately after the kid is born.


So you want to get THE TEST
First of all, don’t stare at the child and will it to have your features.  It’s best not to get overly attached to the child until you know for sure it’s yours.  Before the women come on here and have my hide, I will say, find out SOON.  Don’t let that sh*t linger.  Let the mother know when asked that you would like to have paternity established.  Depending on how ratchet the lady you were laying with is, she might throw things at you.  Just duck and keep it moving.  Usually, when a woman has nothing to hide she’s cool with it.  When it does comes out to be yours she might rub it in a little.  But if it doesn’t, you might rub it in more(^;
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How gentlemen get THE TEST
If you are a gentleman like myself. Play it cool.  I had a child I didn’t know if it was mine.  The thing is, I didn’t think the woman was of low character, I just wasn’t in a relationship and she was what I would define as “loose” and free to mingle (read as: unattached).  What I did was allow the baby on my insurance.  Cut the umbilical cord.  Pass out cigars to the docs.  The whole nine.  But I waited to tell my family and the few I did tell, I let know it was a possibility it might not be mine.  After the child was born, I waited a few weeks then I took the child to a local blood center I researched online.  (Google a few phlebotomy labs in your zip).  They swabbed my mouth and the babies.  I week later, they called me with the results.  That piece of mind cost me a measly 150 big ones.

She never knew and I could pick up my child without looking at every man that was kind to my child’s mother with the side eye…
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